Offerings and Services

I cannot charge people a set amount for ceremonies. I was set out on a path, and given instruction from Great Spirit. The work I am doing is meant to facilitate change and healing for myself and my community.

However, understand that my time is valuable. I make a living and feed my family with the generous offerings, goodness, and support of my community. Spirit cares for me; as I heal and nurture my community, my community nurtures and blesses me. Inviting me into your healing space is a Sacred Agreement to offer me Equivalent Exchange.

Merit and Exchange is different for every person, and is based off of your investment in the healing process, your personal income, and your circumstances. And Energy Exchange is not only the exchange of money; passing kind words of me, and sending gifts and offerings is also a form of exchange.

I am not tied to the idea of Money. So I am free to help people to the best of my abilities without a need for compensation. I do not judge or reject anyone based on their ability to pay me. Instead, I trust Spirit will provide my needs. I trust that you will take this agreement of Equivalent Exchange honorably.

Each of my offerings has a suggested price range based off of what other healers charge for similar services. You are free to choose what type of gifts, offerings, and energetic experiences are right for your circumstance.

If you wish to support my work on a regular basis, you can become a monthly/yearly Patron and in exchange receive daily emails of energy and intention from me.

Shamanic House Cleansing
Suggested between: $200-800.

I will visit your home or property and hold ceremony to cleanse and bless the house. I will also bless the land, and make offerings to the land spirits on behalf of your family. This is a good ceremony for anyone, especially if you notice disruptive or disturbing energies in your home. You are free to be present during this ceremony, and to ask as many questions as you need too. I like to teach others about how to cleanse their space while I am working. I strongly believe that you hold the power to cleanse and clear your space on your own, but I am happy to facilitate and teach you. (Typically takes between 1-5 hours, but greatly depends on the energy and size of the home.)

Fire And Release Ceremony
Suggested Between $75-500.

This ceremony is good for anyone. It is especially helpful if you have been through a lot of healing and heavy experiences, or if you are looking to make a change in your life. I come to your location, and we build a sacred fire together. We burn notes or items that you wish to release while calling in a life that is more harmonious to the direction of your life path and calling. I often facilitate for groups, but I am also willing to facilitate for one person. We can also bring Cacao for Ceremony, and or/ offer divinations before the ceremony. (Typically takes 2-4 hours)
Cacao Ceremony
Suggested between $35-450.

I offer private 1-to-1 cacao ceremonies in my office location. I will facilitate groups as large as 10 in your space.

Cacao is a medicine that opens the heart and removes energy blockages. It was traditionally used in ceremonies for love, marriage, birth, womb healing, and the like.

I make my own cacao in a ceremonial way, from fair trade cacao nibs. I add warming herbs like cinnamon, tumeric, and pepper. And it sweetened with coconut sugar. It is not purchased in a store, and each batch is unique and crafted with intention and care.

Contraindications: Heart Problems, Caffeine Sensitivity, SSRIs.
Baby Blessings | Mother Blessing Ceremony | Holistic Pregnancy Care
Investments range between: $250-6000.

I am a trained birth, postpartum, and bereavement doula who has attended many births over the years. I started working in the community in 2014. You can view my business website here. I can offer individualized support, education, coaching, and ceremony for your pregnancy and parenthood journey. It’s my passion to educate people on their journey while helping to raise the consciousness of the earth and facilitate change for parents and babies. Please set a free consult to discuss your needs with me.

I offer:
Rebozo Wisdom for other Birth Workers.
(Suggested $150-$5000. I am willing to travel out of state to train birth workers, as long as my travel and family can be taken care of while I am gone.)

Doula Services
(Suggested offering $1000-2000, private meeting, private education, and in person labor support throughout birth.)

Pregnancy Coaching
(Suggested offering $100/visit)

Childbirth Education
(Suggested offering $200-300 with a 4-6 hour class and a handwoven rebozo for birth and postpartum care.)

Baby Blessings
(Suggested $0- 500)

Mother/Pregnancy Blessings
(Suggested $250-600)

Postpartum Healing
(Suggested $100-1000, and can facilitate for groups as large as 10.)

Womb Healing
(Suggested $100-1000 and can facilitate groups as large as 10.)

Womb Healing/ Fertility Wellness Massage (Suggested $40-100, for a one hour in person bodywork treatments and learning.)
Shamanic Soul Healing Ceremony
Suggested between: $200-600.

This is a serious ceremony that I will not undertake without first setting a consult with you and doing divinations to be sure that I am the right healer for you, and that this is the right facilitation for you. These ceremonies involve reclaiming your power, restoring your energy, and helping to heal fractured or fragmented soul pieces. (Typically takes 1-2 hours.)

I use a combination of breath work, energy work, tools, sounds, and various techniques to facilitate change and invite healing. Please set a free consult to learn more and to see if this is a good fit for your healing journey.
Reiki and Energy Healing
Suggested between: $40-200.

I am a Reiki master. I have been practicing Reiki since 2015. I am able to work on people in person and on zoom, at a distance. I also teach private classes for reiki and facilitate attunments. I will work on anyone, with or without a consult.

Quantum Sound Healing Ceremony
Suggested between: $100-300.

I will facilitate this for most anyone, but like to hold consults beforehand. I name and clear density, attachments, patterns, and karmic baggage from your experience and energy field. I record these sessions over zoom, and send you a file. You get the opportunity to replay these facilitations over and over again to continue to create shift and change in your experience. These ceremonies are best for people who are working on reprogramming and healing their energy. I believe these are one of the most powerful facilitations that I offer, and recommend that you replay these recordings 108 times to achieve the maximum shift, change, and healing.
Toltec Oracle Life Path Reading
Suggested between: $60-200

I use The Toltec Oracle to discern your life path, I give you energetic and intuitive insights, and coaching exercises that will help you to find direction, move forward, and shift your energy. (Typically takes 45-60 minutes.)
Intuitive Reading
Suggested between: $30-120.

I use cards and offer divinations. I have a collection or Oracle cards and tarot cards and pick what is right for you intuitively. I recommend having 1-2 questions to ask before booking. (Typically takes 20-30 minutes)

Intuitive Coaching

This is the only service I am firm in pricing. It is $99/hr and you can book online here.

I listen to the energy of you voice, and help you activate your energy and your life. I use offer advice on herbs, practices, alignments, and techniques to help you shift energy. I also pass on intuitive messages as they come up. This is a good offering for other healers who are on a path to learn more about themselves. It is also a helpful offering for people who are at a crossroads in their life. If you’d like to speak to me on a regular basis, look at my Patreon offerings. These sessions are discounted for regular supporters.

(None of my offerings promise to cure or even treat any diseases. I don’t take the place of your regular medical or psychiatric providers. All of the things that I offer to you are considered private and are not for legal, financial, medical, psychological, or professional advice.)