Brittany FREAKIN Chavez is a busy woman.

Brittany Freakin Chavez is a busy woman. She drinks too much, swears too much, and works too much. But she loves her husband and five children dearly.Brittany has over come health problems, chronic pain, and abusive relationships. She is standing tall in the face of all adversity.  Brittany is a traditional catholic, but probably not a very good one. She drinks too much, swears too much, and works too much. But she loves her husband and five children dearly. Speaking of husband: She wouldn’t have accomplished half of what she has without him. Her husband is a rock and major support beam in her busy and ever moving life.

Training and Work Experience

She is the owner of Beautifully Connected: Doula and Massage in Oklahoma City. She is a passionate, motivated woman on a mission to share her knowledge and experience with everyone in the world. She is a licensed massage therapist with over 1000 hours of education, a certified birth doula with Stillbirthday, and a Rebozo Instructor through the Gena Kirby Method.

Less is More. Minimalism.

Brittany is an expert at saving money. In fact, she hates spending money. (Unless it is on more things for her various businesses. And her husband will throw her under the bus with that one!) She loves meal prepping.It ensures her family gets a home cooked meal. Even when she is called away to support other families. She also enjoys buying experiences instead of things and is pushing herself and her lifestyle more and more towards minimalism.

Hobbies and Free Time

She has all kinds of weird hobbies. Brittany crochets, sews, bakes, paints, plays music, sings and laughs in her spare time. (HAH spare time…) If you are interested in the crafty sort of thing, check out Simply Thursday.

She also home schools her children. (and in exchange gets not sleep)

What’s Next?

Brittany hopes to travel and add more teaching to her life. She has a passion for improving people’s lives, and believes the best way to do that is through education! She is an outspoken voice in the movement for Compassion and Human Rights in Childbirth. She strongly believes every family knows what’s best for their situation. Every family should be respected.