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Lightworkers are Problematic | I am NOT a Lightworker

Being in tune with the spiritual and metaphysical circles, I hear a lot about “Love and Light.”

So many people refer to themselves as “Lightworkers.”  I have no problem with the label if that is something that resonates with you. But, don’t get me confused; I am NOT a lightworker.

I will walk with you through dark times. I’ll witness your struggle and encourage you to take back your power and fight for yourself.

So many times Lightworkers use their words and their “Positivity” gospel to steamroll any other emotions. Love and Light is not the whole of the human experience. Without Darkness and Reflection, we wouldn’t truly know Love and Light

I’m sorry but I Don’t Care Enough to do Anything

I scroll through Social Media and see so many tragedies on a weekly basis. When I click the comments section, all I see is “Love and Light.”

I am not denying the power of prayer and positivity. I am simply making a case for you to be more mindful of your words. Many people use “Love and Light,” and “Thoughts and Prayers,” to substitute for impactful action.

We are capable of such great action! If someone you know is experiencing something hard or scary, OFFER YOUR HUMAN CONNECTION.

  • Talk to them
  • Send them a gift card
  • Take them coffee
  • Go out with them so they can get a change of scenery
  • Text them
  • Tell them you are thinking of them
  • Hug them
  • Make them dinner
  • Watch their kids/pets
  • Show up and be present

Don’t simply send them Love and Light. That is not enough. Your words and well wishes should substitute for actions.

Stop Crying | Bypassing

Don’t use Love and Light as a way to silence people who are going through a rough period. I feel that “Love and Light” is often used as another way to tell people to “Stop crying.”

Have you ever gone through something absolutely earth-shattering? The loss of a loved one? A debilitating illnes? A serious accident? How many times have you been seeking support from loved ones, only to be told: “Stop crying.”

Did you stop crying? Probably not. That’s like telling someone who is upset to “Calm down.” IT DOESN’T WORK.

It’s simply another way to say: ” I am not comfortable with you expressing your scary emotions in front of me. Please stop.”

Why aren’t we comfortable with these emotions? Why aren’t we willing to sit in the darkness with the ones we love? Why are we uncomfortable when someone expresses vulnerability?


Life isn’t love and light. It’s not Good and Bad. It’s not Black and White. Viture lies somewhere in the center of all spectrums. Too many of us see light and lightwork as good while viewing dark and darkwork as bad. Both are needed to provide a wide range of healing and wholeness.

We would never understand true light without experiencing terrifying darkness. We all must walk through dark times to truly appreciate the light.

Remember: When someone is experiencing a dark time you cannot pull them out of the situation. You can only sit with them, or call them from the other side of the tunnel.

Light is nice, but sometimes we need to sit in the safety and cover of the darkness to make sense of our experiences. Darkness is the quiet reflection we need to make peace with our soul.

Denying or Overlooking Tragedy

Perhaps this is why we are so uncomfortable with negative human emotion. We realize that we cannot control the negative human experiences, and wish to silence them.

You cannot silence experience. Honor it. Love it. Learn from it.

Don’t overlook or silence someone else’s experience, emotion, or tragedy because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t pretend everything is ok when it’s not.

Be mindful of yourself. Be mindful of the impact you have on your community. Remember that your power lies in being present, not in saving people from their experiences.

Brittany Chavez is a mother to 5, birth worker, and licensed bodyworker. She is motivated and passionate about helping other small businesses create good time management skills while developing the tools they need to succeed. The reality is: most small businesses don’t make it, this is because often time entrepreneurs are passionate people who lack the business know-how to turn their visions into reality.
She has successfully grown a local business in under 2 years while simultaneously juggling motherhood and the on-call lifestyle of being a doula. She is ready to help you create effective systems that will help you be efficient and effective as a business owner and member of your community.
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2 thoughts on “I am NOT a Lightworker | Duality

  1. sipper0328 says:

    Amen! And say it louder for the people in the back!
    I’ve been telling people this for YEARS, nice to know I’m not alone!

    1. simplythursday says:

      YESSS! Share this with your friends and pin it to your boards.

      Get the word out and let people know they there are people out here who stand with them.

      Thanks so much for reading!


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