Meet Me!

Meet Brittany Freakin Chavez

Hi guys! Thanks so much for tuning into my blog. If you’d like to learn more about me, click on the About section on my site. For now I’d like to go over a bit more about my intentions for my blog!

Love of Rebozos

I want to give you guys more information on my love affair with rebozo. For a little more about my life changing experience with rebozo, read: How a Doula Gives Birth. Rebozo is a part of me, kind of like an old and familiar friend who you feel safe with. I use my rebozos to keep warm, to they helped me bring my babies earth side. They help me keep my babies close. They are absolutely stunning and beautiful to wear!

Freezer Meals on A Budget

Brittany freakin chavez shopping receipts I also want to give more information on my meal planning and my freezer meals! I made a recent post on my facebook page about my shopping trip. I spent $208.77 and made 19 meals from that! I feel like that knowledge could be helpful to so many people. Everyone likes to save money! And everyone like to eat. We live in a busy world with a rough economy. Everyone works. (Sometimes more than one job.) No one has time to cook. And we are all fat and sad because we eat fast food. We make food choices based on what is convenient rather than what is healthy. Simply because we have no time, no money, and not enough knowledge on how to make ready made meals! I am super excited to start my freezer prep segment with you guys!

I will be sharing recipes and tutorials on how to eat like a king, quick, and on a budget! To give you just a tiny peek: My meals will be in categories of “cheapness.” Meals under $10, Meals under $15, and Meals under $20. (HINT: I never spend $20 unless I’m prepping for a party or something like Christmas or Thanksgiving.)

Brittany Freakin Chavez is a busy woman. She drinks too much, swears too much, and works too much. But she loves her husband and five children dearly.About the Author:

Brittany Freakin Chavez is a busy woman. She has a passion for improving people’s lives, and believes the best way to do that is through education! Brittany is the owner of Beautifully Connected: Doula and Massage in Oklahoma City. She is a passionate, motivated woman on a mission to share her knowledge and experience with everyone in the world!

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