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Meet Brittany FREAKIN Chavez.

Life is about balance. It’s about listening, and tuning in to the call of your own heart, it’s about living life as a whole being. There are so many people who, whether through conditioning or through life experience, have forgotten the call of their heart, who cannot understand the whisper of the soul, who have lost touch with the unknown side of themselves. 

I have spent many years of my life in service to my community, as a professional birth support, and childbirth educator. I have always been aware of the Supernatural Areas of life, and birth is definitely one of those ceremonies when Spirit is present throughout. I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity of being present in life doing exactly what my soul is meant to do. 

I live my life in service to no man. I live my life in service to Spirit, and in service to my own heart. 

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I invite you to find Spiritual Breakthrough.

There are two types of people in this world. 

Those who move through life without any help. They manage. They work. They eat. They have jobs. And then they restart, rewash, rinse, and repeat.

And then, there are those who find breakthrough. 

Breakthough isn’t a single event or idea. It’s a continuous process and way of life. It’s a process that I’ve learned to master and enjoy. 

Breakthrough provides you the flexibility to know things are changing and the tools to move forward when they finally do. If there is one thing in life that is certain is change.

Everything continues to change, and if you remain stagnant, life will move on without you.

My Breakthrough | Spirituality Minus Dogma

I had this epiphany. I was a Traditional Catholic, practicing, going to church every week. I was raising my children with that strong spirituality, dogma, and ritual. And I realized it was NOT for me. (You can read more about why I left here.)

Long story short, I spent an amazing weekend in ceremony and learning with a beautiful group of women. That ceremony CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE. It set me on this path. 

At that moment I realized that I didn’t need a religion or belief to bring me closer to god. I realized that I had all the power I needed to create transformation and to move forward. 

I have spent every moment since then researching how to create transformation in my life and in the lives of others. 

Here I am. I stand in my power to reclaim what is mine and to live as a fearless champion for Spirit, My fellow humans, and the Earth.

I am unleashing my magic on the world.

I was born to teach, and love, and share. And I am here as your oracle, as your guidepost, as your mentor, and as your friend.

Let me facilitate ceremony for you. Let me take you to a coffee shop for some conversation. Let me do some divination for you.

I was BORN to heal. I don’t want to make any claims about what I do, my lovely clients do that for me.

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Training and Experience

My most important experience is that as a mother. I have been pregnant 7 times, and I have 4 living children, and one who has taken the journey into the unknown. Pregnancy and birth transform a person. It’s like walking through an impassable spiritual doorway that squeezes your entire body, mind, spirit until it reaches the brink of breaking. And instead of breaking, you pass through, unharmed, but much wiser and different than you were before.

Motherhood has taught me about love, and about loss. It has taught me a lot about the different realms of spirit and the mind, and also about the importance of honoring your stages and seasons in life.

We live in a world that shames seasons and changes. We look at aging as a curse to be remedied with products. We look at pregnancy and motherhood as a short term disability and condition. We worship youth, and the idea that nothing changes and everything should be boxed up and perfect in life. What a change the world would see if we began to honor our seasons and cycles.

I am committed to offering ceremonies for people upon reaching menarche, or puberty. I offer pregnancy and postpartum blessings, baby blessings, and womb healing ceremonies. I am a certified minister and I am registered with the state to perform nuptials and all manner of ceremonies.

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My experience as a mother led me to work as a birth attendant; that is my “Real,” Full-time job. I work to support women through pregnancy to have a holistic birth experience that honors and empowers their spirit and soul. I spent 5 years attending hospital births as a doula and realized that the mainstream, medical model of healthcare is NOT honoring to mothers or babies. Most women speak about their birth experiences as something that they barely escaped with their lives. They are happy and claim to be fortunate because they are living and their children are healthy. But healthy and living is a minimum. Why can’t we have more than that?

Peace on Earth begins at Birth.


I am currently apprenticing to be a midwife. (I hope to be certified to support my own clients in 2024.) I work closely with a local traditional midwife who honors the process of birth as normal and natural, and who is committed to passing on traditional wisdom to her students.

In 2015 I got certified as a birth and bereavement doula, to further expand my knowledge as a birth attendant. I have since attended many trainings on birth, physiology, and safety within the maternity care field.

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I am a Massage Therapist Licensed with the state of Oklahoma. I have over 1300 hours of training and supervised clinical experience in the bodywork field. I am using my knowledge of the body and neural pathways to improve my work as a midwifery student and birth attendant.

In 2014 I began my studies in Reiki. I am currently a RMT (Reiki Master Therapist) who offers classes and healings for people in the Central Oklahoma Area. I have also apprenticed with multiple shamans both locally and abroad to learn about shamanism, energy work, soul healing, and natural wisdom.

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I facilitate private Red Tent women’s circles for healing and the sharing of knowledge between sisters. As a birth attendant and helper of women, I offer my knowledge and magic at this gathering.

You can come to learn more about healing and ceremony. I will offer you knowledge on how to manage common ailments and complaints using herbal wisdom, and also provide you care for your Pregnancy, Menstruation, and journey into Cronehood.

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